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About Us

We give you full control of your environment; access AV services that resonate your core values.


To add value to our clients (corporate and individual) through the provision of seamlessly integrated modern audio-visual technologies that are disruptive; backed by research and innovation.


To provide our clients with highest AV solutions that exceed their expectations, through a deliberate understanding of their needs; using technology that does not interfere with client productivity but rather enhances their communication; while creating custom solutions that perfectly meet our customers’ requirement.

Founded in 2011, System Intelligenz is built on the core values of passion and excellent service delivery.

You do not just need to project pictures on a big screen or make a sound loud enough to go across the room. You need Audio Visual solutions that are easy-to-use, effective, top-notch and scalable, affording you a seamless and smart collaboration at work or at home.

With Systems Intelligenz, effective corporate communication, and your dream of a smart home is no longer a myth; our clients enjoy professional consultations for the transformation of their workplace and homes.

Our solutions allow you collaborate with your team anywhere and anytime; you can share and access information in real-time, have an intelligent workspace, control your lighting, automate your home and have a crisp and clear video conference that enhances your corporate communication; helping you meet your teams’ objectives.

At Systems Intelligenz, we give you everything you need to make that dream of your modern home a reality.

Why You Can Trust Us

We are BIG on Knowledge acquisitions; converting it to workplace efficiency.

We Ensure Excellent Service Delivery Through Training And Re-Training Members Of Our Team