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We give you full control of your environment; access AV services that resonate your core values.

Digital Video

Proven technologies for maintaining signal integrity, ensuring device compatibility, overcoming content protection issues, and delivering ultra-fast switching


Patented Flat Field® speaker design, CDRS™ technology for exceptional audio quality, and ProDSP™ a powerful audio DSP platform

Energy Efficiency

Highly efficient Everlast™ power supplies and ENERGY STAR® qualified amplifiers

Streaming Technologies

Standards based streaming hardware and software and the patented PURE3 codec, a unique wavelet-based compression technology that provides low latency, visually lossless compression that maintains original source quality and native resolution.

Advanced Video Signal Processing

The Vector 4K scaling engine is specifically designed for critical-quality 4K imagery, with best in class image upscaling and downscaling

AV System Control

Powerful configurable and programmable control systems and global AV resource management software

World Class A/V Tools

Bleeding Edge A/V Software Technology