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What We Do

We bring fun and comfort everywhere; even to work areas.


In a fast-changing business world, investment in technology for your business is a veritable way to achieve business success and put you ahead of the competition.

Our services include a host of audio-visual solutions that include advice on what you may need, customized solutions to cater to your every need and of course audio-visual systems and rentals that are cost-effective and fit-for-purpose.

At Systems Intelligenz, we understand that a productive work area is not a result of complicated technologies, rather it is a blend of simple, sophisticated and top-notch AV solutions that understand you. This fact has ensured we create an intelligent workspace for your business -Imagine a work area, where you have full control of your environment. With Systems Intelligenz you can access a blissful work area and home that suit your taste and lifestyle.

We create cost-effective, durable and scalable AV solutions for our teeming clients across West-Africa. Our solutions are innovative, helping our clients facilitate collaborations among their teams and family, empower learning and enhance effective communication and workflow amongst teams.

Our clients enjoy cutting edge technologies for Audio Visual solutions such as:

We understand that our clients’ needs are varied and diverse; hence, we implement bespoke solutions that help you reach more customers without spending beyond your budget.

Our services are also known to help our clients achieve increased productivity while giving them customized solutions that are fit for their organizations and homes.